Sliderocket Characterization Lesson

I just finished using to create an interactive presentation on characterization. I started with the idea that when I teach Tim O’Brien’s novel The Things They Carried in English 12, I like to spend some time reviewing characterization so that my students enter the novel thinking about how and why O’Brien lists the things the soldiers carry in the first section of the novel. I want them to understand the tools an author has at his disposal to create characters. This lesson is something that I could use in any of my English classes. I could go through the presentation in class with students, or I could ask them to view the presentation in a lab or as homework. Here’s the presentation, with some thoughts on creating it below.

If you’ve never seen or used Sliderocket before, you might want to watch this tutorial I created using Screencast.

I have to say that I loved using Sliderocket to create this presentation. I spent a lot of time exploring some of the bells and whistles of the program (such as the delayed “entry” of certain portions of the slide), and I got excited about incorporating other Web technologies like Voki and xtranormal in the presentation. I also think the Flickr assignment at the end will be a nice extension of this lesson. I had a lot of fun creating this presentation, and I hope you like it, too!

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